Sunday, July 17, 2011

The biggest kid shows them how it's done...

Just a quick post tonight because the Mac is having another spack attack...and I'm completely over it! My MacBook Pro does not seem to like iPhoto and Photoshop to be running together, but unfortunately that is exactly what I need to be running whenever I'm choosing and playing with photos for the blog. Normally I take deep breaths, and imagine a place where computers do not come with attitude, and eventually I get the photos done and posted, but tonight...I'm about to send this thing on a flying start to its very own DEEP SEA voyage, it could hardly make it run much slower!!

This morning we moved from South White Cliffs up to North White Cliffs. It wasn't where we had intended to stop. We had originally thought we'd head to the Kingfisher Resort anchorage, but as we went past North White Cliffs the sand slopes and clean white beach beckoned...along with an anchorage all to was a no brainer.

We spent a large part of the day playing and walking on the beautiful beach. I liked it so much I've made a postcard!

...and the biggest kid, showed the little kids how to go about breaking a limb having fun jumping down sand slopes...

Bed time now...all this holidaying business is making me very sleepy ;-).

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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Anonymous said...

More beautiful pics, what a great way
to see the East Coast. Kids obviously having a ball, all 4 of them! Emily has obviously got much better balance than me, that mast looks awful high, all the visits to climbing apparatus at parks and such have given her good training. Cake looks delicious. I made a mango fruit cake on Saturday but it wouldn't have been as popular as your Peach Blossom. Love to all Mum