Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Morning from Wide Bay, Queensland

After our fab day trip yesterday, we anchored here in Wide Bay, behind Double Island Point at 00:45 this morning.

It is not the world's most protected anchorage, but as we weren't going to cross the Wide Bay Bar at night, after the moon had set, and on the wrong was our safest option.

We will head up into the Wide Bay Harbour today, and maybe find somewhere nice to anchor in Tin Can Inlet.

Here are a couple of pictures I captured yesterday on our way out of the Brisbane River. Note how flat Moreton Bay is in the second picture! It didn't stay that way for the whole journey, but it wasn't rough by any means. Just a low rolly 2m one got sick, and everyone had seconds for dinner!

Thanks for your lovely comments after yesterday's post. It was fun posting while underway in the ocean (but still within sight of land).

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Diane Barnes said...

Gorgeous pics Sam. You have to love a blue sky...& calm day, Hugs, D