Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue lights and Bundy-licious Booty!

 We have been having a lovely time in Bundy, catching up with family, seeing the sights, doing the boat stuff...

The Bundaberg Port Marina is a short drive from town (through some beautiful cane fields), and has had pretty much everything we've needed. We rented a car from the marina for the week, and have buzzed about all over the place in that.

Yesterday we all went in to town to visit the Bundaberg Distillery Company, and do their site tour. My favourite bit was the huge tank of molasses...I think the guide said it held a couple of olympic swimming pools-worth when full. The kids liked checking out the bottling plant, and watching all the bottles buzz around and be filled and capped. I think Eric enjoyed the Bondstores the most...he took one look and then promptly fell fast asleep in the pouch. I guess six million dollars worth of rum will do that to a small boy (and that was just one barrel....!!!!!).

The adults got to test some of the 'goods' on the way out...I zeroed in on their Royal Liqueur which they said was only available on-site....delicious! It is Bundaberg Rum with coffee and chocolate flavours, and being a fan of things like Kahlua and Bailey's, it was very much my thing. I think I may have to stock-up on the way back through here ;-).

The motor boat next to us on the marina has some very nifty blue lights attached to her stern under the waterline. I took the kids over there last night with some bread and we threw it in for the little fish...a whole school of what were probably Butter-Bream quickly came out from underneath the pontoon and began a feeding frenzy on the bread, much to the delight of the kids...

I was able to tell what fish they were by using our newly aquired 'Grant's Guide to Fishes'. We had looked all over the place for this book prior to leaving Canberra, but came up short. Then, lo and behold.....I spied not one, but two copies in Dymocks, Bundaberg (I wasn't even looking for it at the time) we are all kitted up now, and ready to identify fish. Hooray!

We are planning to head out to Lady Musgrave Island tomorrow night, and once there will be out of email/phone range for at least a week, perhaps longer.

'See' you then :-).

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