Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fraser Island Dingoes

Another interesting part of our day trip to Fraser Island yesterday were the Dingoes.

We watched them, they watched us, we watched the kids, they watched get the picture. When some of the smaller kids in our group were getting nervous Ryan made up a rhyme which went along the lines of 'you konk them on the head and they turn in to bread' interesting concept! Needless to say, we didn't actually try that approach.

I'm glad we got to see them in the wild. Looks like they could use a bit of a bath though.

We plan on heading up the Great Sandy Strait tomorrow, perhaps to Garry's Anchorage on Fraser Island.


Anonymous said...

I love your photo of the dingo, was that taken at Coolooloi Creek? i was wondering whether you have any more photos that show the id tags of the dingoes you saw?

Sam said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, we were on the beach opposite Tin Can Inlet, just around the corner from the Coolooloi Creek outlet.

I only got pics of this one Dingo, and I didn't want to go too close. I was shooting towards the sun and not using a zoom lens, so s/he is a bit grainy and I have had to crop him/her out of much wider shots. I can't see any tags on the shots I have - are they in the ear?

My husband saw four dingoes around the corner from where we were sitting (closer towards the creek outlet), and another two dingoes came onto the beach from the east, just as we were leaving.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

thanks for responding. you can see the tag in her right ear. females are tagged in the right ear and males in the left. i am pleased to know that there are six members of that pack. that's great news,

all the best