Monday, July 25, 2011

Live from Lovely Lady Musgrave Lagoon...

I was telling pork pies! We do have phone and internet connection here. It is a bit variable, but we have managed two phone calls without any drop-outs.

We left Bundaberg Port Marina at 11:00 pm last night and motored out of the Burnett River on an incoming tide. It was a bit choppy with an onshore breeze, and unfortunately I lost my dinner shortly into our trip (everyone else was fine...told you I was the one most likely to spew first ;-). I then managed to sleep on a bean-bag in the cockpit for the rest of the night, while Nick motor-sailed us at 6.5 kts towards Lady Musgrave.

After successfully navigating the narrow entry channel we dropped our anchor in the lagoon at 07:30 am. We are eating breakfast now, and this is the view from the cockpit...
NOICE eh?! The water is the most amazing shade of blue. It looks like we are anchored in about 1m of water, when in fact it is about 5.5m deep

We are going to pack up the breaky things now, get dressed and go ashore to explore :-)


Anonymous said...

Took a look at Google Images of LMI,
stunning,the colour is just beautiful,lots to see by the look of it.So glad kids not seasick, hope you
get your sealegs soon. Dry crackers sound good! How lucky are those kids to have such a wonderful adventure,well done Mum & Dad. LOL
Lots not Laugh!xxxoooxxx

Paul Dupree said...

Hi you life sounds great ..can you tell me how difficult is the entry to lady musgrave ;; bommies etc.. Regards paul bewitched.